Otters cavort, swim and find their meals along Harford's Deer Creek

As usual, Marsden came away with some pretty remarkable photos

"I caught them," exclaims the message line in an email received last Wednesday from Frank Marsden, director of Eden Mill Nature Center in Pylesville.

No, Marsden wasn't out trapping or hunting in the normal sense, but he was indeed stalking, with his ever present camera, one or more river otters, whose tracks and slides he had found along the bank of Deer Creek near Eden Mill.

The otters had been mighty elusive quarry, according to Marsden, but his persistence paid off.

"Guess what, I caught them this morning, right where I saw their tracks and slides," he wrote. "I had the opportunity to see two of them swimming and cavorting on Deer Creek at Eden Mill. For about 1/2 hour I observed and photographed them swimming, catching food, and just being River Otters."

He described how one otter dug a frog out of the river bottom for a meal, and how the other caught a fish. And, as usual, Marsden came away with some pretty remarkable photographs.

"Eden Mill is the best place in Harford County to see and photograph wildlife," he wrote, latter adding: "As I told the photo class I taught last Saturday, the big and best part of taking wildlife photos is getting out, looking around, observing and, yes, sharing."

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