Stubborn Havre de Grace Ospreys' nest is relocated

Baltimore Gas & Electric dispatched a crew to Havre de Grace early Saturday morning to erect an osprey nesting platform in hopes of relocating a pair of birds from a nearby utility pole where they had been building a nest.

A man who had been watching the war of wills between the ospreys and BGE said Monday he believes the pair is enjoying its new home.

The platform went up near the intersection of Route 40 and Post Road, not far from where the two ospreys had been trying to rebuild a nest after BGE crews removed one from the top of a pole near Adams Chevrolet.

After the new platform was erected, the BGE crew relocated the nest from the utility pole to the platform, explaining they had the right to move the next for the birds' safety.

Until Saturday, the pair of ospreys had defeated BGE's efforts to keep them away from the pole. After the first nest was removed, a crew erected a metal bar across the top of the pole to keep the birds from rebuilding.

According to people working nearby, however, the birds used the bar as a landing spot and went about their business rebuilding the nest on the cross arm of the utility pole.

Late Friday afternoon, BGE's environmental staff decided to erect a nesting platform in the vicinity of the pole where the ospreys had refused to leave, Rachel Lighty, a BGE spokesman, wrote in an e-mail Friday afternoon.

"Building their nest on the utility poles/lines is a location that is potentially very dangerous for the osprey, and as BGE has a strong commitment to environmental stewardship, this platform, as well as the others that have been erected over the past several years, will provide a place that the birds can safely build their nest and raise their young," Lighty wrote.

The crew was out in Havre de Grace about 7:30 a.m. Saturday, and the new platform was in place when an Aegis photographer arrived in the afternoon. At that point, the crew was engaged in transferring the nest.

Ron Herrmann, an Adams Chevrolet driver who first pointed out the osprey nest and the problems the pair of birds was having with BGE, said Monday morning the birds had begun to use the new nesting platform.

He was not there during the installation Saturday, Herrmann said, but after watching them Monday he believes the birds are "loving life."

Not only is the platform a safe distance away from the wires, Herrmann pointed out that it is much higher than the utility poles.

It was nice that BGE responded in a positive way, he said, adding that they did an "excellent job."

"I think they deserve a pat on the back," Herrmann said of BGE.

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