Edgewood couple to dash around Chicago warehouse, collecting as many items as possible

Anthony and Patricia Greico are so excited they can hardly stand it.

The Edgewood couple is leaving Friday for Chicago, where they will take part in the Maryland Lottery's "Dream-come-True" shopping spree.

The Greicos won the three-day, two-night trip through the Lottery's Holiday Cash & Dash second-chance promotion.

In addition to airfare, hotel stay, welcome reception and dinner and $500 shopping spree, they will participate in the Warehouse Dash, where they'll have 90 seconds to grab as many items as possible off a warehouse shelf and put them into their shopping cart.

"What we get, we get. We're not going out there to be big winners, we're going out there for the experience and the fun," Anthony Greico, one of 12 winners in the contest, said Wednesday evening.

After years and years of submitting non-winning Lottery tickets, they never thought they would win when he sent in a losing scratch-off ticket around Christmastime.

"When we got the call from [the Lottery] we thought it was a joke," Patricia Greico said.

"We've put in so many tickets, thousands of them, we never expected to win," Anthony Greico added.

Anthony Greico retired two years ago from the IT department at Johns Hopkins Hospital, where for 10 years or so a group of about 20 people played the lottery regularly, he said.

"We never hit anything" other than little bits here and there, he said. "One time we won $150 and we all went out to lunch."

Anthony Greico has watched previous videos of the Warehouse Dash, including one year when one participant grabbed $28,000 worth of merchandise.

"I don't expect to get anywhere near that, but we really don't care," he said. "This is a fun trip to Chicago."

"It's for the experience," Patricia Greico said.

On Saturday, the day of the dash, they'll have a half hour to walk around the warehouse to see what's available.

They'll get the chance "to strategize," Patricia said, "to scout it out," Anthony added.

"Then you have 90 seconds to grab as much as you can," Anthony said.

As the winner, Anthony Greico, 68, will put the items in the cart; Patricia Greico, 64, will push.

"He's used to me telling him what to do. I'll tell him what to grab," Patricia said.

If the Greicos aren't up to running through a warehouse, proxies are available, but they said that's not an option.

"We're going to do it come hell or high water," Anthony Greico said.

"I have COPD, but even if it's only one aisle, we don't care," Patricia Greico said. "I think it will be great no matter what happens."

According to the Maryland Lottery, warehouse items include designer purses, high-end electronics and outdoor grill sets, among other items.

This is the second year the Maryland Lottery has awarded Warehouse Dash prizes; last year eight winners took home a combined $166,000 in prizes.

The only thing the Greicos really want is a robotic vacuum cleaner.

The couple, who have been together for 44 years, are moving to Florida at the end of the month, buying a bigger house than they one they have in Edgewood.

"The house is 2,300 square feet with hardwood floors. We have a dog that sheds. She wants the robot to clean for her," Anthony Greico said.

Other than that, the couple has a shopping list from their two children and 12 grandchildren, with the newest iPhones at the top.

As an added bonus, Anthony Greico will get to see visit with his younger brother, who lives outside of Chicago and whom he hasn't seen in 10 to 15 years.

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