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'The public be damned' [Letter]

The Aegis


A New Year’s wish for 2019

A year away, but an election intervenes, so one may hope 2019 brings new and fresh ideas for our County Council, such as.....

A Harford County Council that:

• Invites people to speak their minds without a sign up requirement for all things;

• Invites people to speak their minds without a written announcement of what they wish to speak about, pro or con;

• Asks, as former council presidents did, “Is there anyone else who would like to speak?” at the end of Council meetings;

• “Allows” the public to speak on legislation the Council voted on that evening;

• Subjects their in-house rules to public hearings before voting on them, so they may hear in person how their changes affect people;

• Provides a public hearing to allow people to comment on amendments, which can change the impacts of major legislation;

• Returns to informative discussion about legislation on the dais instead of what often appears to be a canned speech;

• Proceeds with a return of civility and politeness to all who speak;

• Creates needed legislation, not just rubber stamping approval of administrative requests;

• Reads and understands the effects of legislation before them without the caveat that they can always undo any harm that may unintentionally occur;

• Understands that their bosses are the people who voted for them and no one else.

Gloria Moon


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