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Stand for anthem or leave [Letter]

The Aegis

The following is a letter to The Aegis Open Forum:


I served my country from 1966 to 1968. I didn't go to Vietnam, but there were men that I served with that got killed serving this great country of ours.

It is a disgrace to the American flag and our country that these sports athletes cannot stand up to the American flag. If it weren't for people like myself and others these athletes would not be able to play this game of football.

Because of these men and women in the armed forces that gave their lives, we have the freedom that we have. That's why we stand at the singing of our national anthem.

It's a disgrace to this country when players will kneel at the singing of the national anthem, and stand at the singing of another country's national anthem. If they do not have enough courage to stand at the singing of the national anthem, they should pack up and move to another country.

A concerned American,

Wayne Quick


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