Bel Air Volunteer Fire Company apologizes for ambulance billing error [Letter]

Letter to The Aegis
Fire company leaders say "we pride ourselves on our transparency..."

The following letter to the editor was received Monday from the Bel Air Volunteer Fire Company. ED.

Dear citizens:

The Bel Air Volunteer Fire Company takes your trust very seriously. Most recently our ambulance club billing notices were erroneously sent out twice by the company we use to process this program. Many of you paid a second time, unsure of the notice and many called us to ask what to do.

Please be assured this was an error and there were no deceptive or subversive actions at hand. The company who is hired to do this work for us is being held accountable. Unfortunately, this incident may have placed a black eye on our trust with you.

We pride ourselves on our transparency and the high level of trust we have built with the community we are called to serve. We are in the process of returning the payments to those who made a second payment due to this error.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you and we ask for your blessing to return to the relationship we have always had with each other.

The Board of Directors, Officers and Members

Bel Air Volunteer Fire Company Inc.

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