Honoring all teachers in Harford County [Editorial]

Other than perhaps medicine, law enforcement and emergency services, where lives are saved daily, there's no nobler profession than teaching.

Those who go into classrooms every day for 180 days each year, year after year, in the face of challenging administrators, troublesome parents and overbearing requirements, are truly unsung heroes.

We not only applaud Harford County Public Schools for honoring one individual each year out of its thousands of classroom leaders, we also congratulate Amy Mangold who was named the newest Teacher of the Year.

Mangold is a special educator in more ways than one as a teacher at the John Archer School, a facility for special needs children, where she teaches kids ages 3 to 6.

Her comments after being honored at an annual banquet at the Bayou restaurant in Havre de Grace last Wednesday evening are how we think all of our teachers should feel.

"I have received so many well wishes over the past week, and truthfully, if my name had not been called, I truly felt like a winner," Mangold said. "This has been an amazing experience and has had me reflect on my role as an educator and a person in a way I have never been able to reflect before."

Teaching children is an awesome responsibility with incredible rewards for those who do it right. Amy Mangold is certainly one of those and we congratulate her and her colleagues who overcome the challenges teachers face while helping our future generations become smarter and stronger.

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