Yes they can! [Editorial]

The Aegis

The recently concluded iCan Bike Camp held at the Churchville Rec Complex gave 32 Harford County residents with disabilities the opportunity to learn how to ride a bike and then experience the fun and sense of accomplishment that goes with it.

The camp has been hailed as a success by all concerned, including parents of the campers, a group of volunteers who assisted at the camp and county officials who organized the camp through the Department of Community Services’ Office of Disabilities Services, Department of Parks and Recreation and the Local Management Board, which is involved in the development of community services for children, youth and families, according to its mission statement.

This program was highly anticipated by the county administration and deservedly so, based on some of the comments from parents of campers that were released following the camp.

“He has learned to ride a two-wheel bike!” Stacie Wheeley said of her son, Nathan. “I cannot speak highly enough about our experience with the iCan Bike Camp. I am beyond pleased with the whole process.”

Writing on Facebook, Melissa McClellan said of her children, Samuel and Cheyanne: “My two children loved and enjoyed Bike Camp. I never thought it was possible for them to learn to ride a two-wheel bike, and they both did. Thank you to everyone that made this possible [from] staff to volunteers. Harford County is where my heart is.”

A program like this isn’t the only one in which the county government, under Harford County Executive Barry Glassman, has excelled, but we’re singling it out for the enthusiasm that surrounded it during the planning and delivery phases and in the aftermath, as a yet another example of why this administration has been extremely adept a connecting with county residents on a personal level.

It should be obvious in his nearly three years as county executive that Glassman has set a welcoming and inclusive tone and has many like-minded people on the staff who convey the same feeling that we’re all part of Harford County and we want everyone involved. That message certainly resonates when talking to the county executive and top staff like Community Services Director Amber Shrodes.

Political types often tend to be self-serving and take themselves too seriously. Those traits have never applied to Glassman, who though he may have other faults, has never conveyed a hint of phoniness in his public persona.

When a well-planned and well-executed and highly beneficial program is produced, as was the case with the iCan Bike Camp, everyone involved from county staff to the volunteers, who came from a number of organizations and businesses, to the campers themselves should take a bow. They earned it.

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