Easter and Jesus Christ [Editorial]

Many of our readers will observe the holy days of Easter beginning today – Good Friday – which was once considered important enough that most schools and many businesses didn't open their doors.

Of course, that was then and this is 2017. Our Maryland public schools still do place enough importance on Good Friday and Easter Monday to mandate that they be days off from school. Hopefully, that never changes. Businesses and workplaces are pretty much a different story. The idea of observing Good Friday is left to many of the faithful to keep in their hearts, or take a personal day from work.

We still live in a majority Christian country, and Good Friday and Easter Sunday are sacred days, a time for reflection, forgiveness and celebration in the belief that Jesus Christ of Nazareth was crucified and died and rose from the dead three days later to ascend into heaven.

Now, we're not preaching, saying you must believe Jesus was God. But, we are saying his life story is compelling and one worth learning about and remembering, in particular his teachings, which transcend the notion of religion and deity.

If more people followed the teachings of Jesus, the world would be a better place, and it sure could be better.

Which is why, try as we might to ignore it or put a price on it, Easter, like Christmas, isn't about spending money, showing off, over-indulging or showing up in church those two days a year. Oftentimes, it makes us weary, so weary to contemplate how religiously incorrect our contemporary society has become.

We all have the freedom to choose, believe and think as we wish. It's not respecting another person's beliefs that causes many of our worldly problems, whether in 33 AD or 2017. Believe, but respect. It's so simple, yet so hard to achieve. But don't stop trying. The Easter season is an appropriate time to start anew.

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