Aberdeen officials give woman time to make new plan for 'historic' home

Aberdeen city officials say they are giving Janice Grant another chance to fix up her family's dilapidated home, which she says has historic value.

St. Pius X parishioners recall role in 1995 visit of Pope John Paul II

Well before the sun comes up on Sunday, April 27, Carol Pacione expects to be in front of the television to watch the canonization of Popes John Paul II and...

Some figures to chew on as baseball and softball go to the home stretch [Commentary]

Some figures to chew on as baseball and softball go to the home stretch [Commentary]

In taking a break from columns focused on horses, jockeys and horse racing for a week, I would like to get back to a format that I haven't tried in a quite a while. The baseball and softball seasons have moved into the home stretch, and every day it'...

Old house worth preserving [Editorial]

Old house worth preserving [Editorial]

On a visit to the Havre de Grace Decoy Museum, it is possible to see on display carved ducks valued at hundreds and even thousands of dollars each alongside artifacts – rusted carving tools, spent shotgun cartridges, old wooden boxes and the...

Why bother doing any auditing? [Editorial]

Critical of governor's position on guns [Letter]

Comedy's Holy Grail found in Havre de Grace

Comedy's Holy Grail found in Havre de Grace

Where can you watch King Arthur ride regally on an imaginary horse to the beat of two coconut shells? Or see a cow catapulted? Or a Trojan rabbit? Only in "Spamalot," the musical based on the cult movie "Monty Python and the Holy Grail."

Harford leaders hope 'House of Cards' -- and its money -- don't leave town

If "House of Cards" folds in Maryland, will Harford County businesses feel a slump?

Harford to start meetings to lay out specifics of countywide water authority

Harford County is set to kick off public meetings to discuss the feasibility of a countywide water and sewer authority, public works...

Harford council plans budget increase for health insurance, third auditor

The Harford County Council plans to add third auditor position for at least half of fiscal year 2015, continuing its...

Hundreds of trees planted at Harford's Arbor Day observance

Harford County celebrated Arbor Day 2014 on Good Friday, as volunteers of all ages gathered at the Chapel Road Sports Complex in Havre de...

Street resident cited in April 10 field fire

A Street resident has been charged in connection with starting a three-alarm field and woods fire April 10 that burned more than four acres.

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