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  • Playing ball in Aberdeen the Ripken way [editorial]

    Playing ball in Aberdeen the Ripken way [editorial]

    This weekend brings the start of what has become a signature summertime event for many people in Harford County: The Cal Ripken World Series, an international youth baseball extravaganza.

  • The costs of free Wi-Fi [Editorial]

    The costs of free Wi-Fi [Editorial]

    Free Wi-Fi. For a time, it was a rare, chance find. Tech enthusiasts employed devices that enabled them to find places where business access to the communication service could be accessed in public places. Often such spots were marked on the ground with intersecting half circles.

  • School bus cameras still worth pursuing [Editorial]

    School bus cameras still worth pursuing [Editorial]

    Harford County Sheriff Jeffrey Gahler's decision to delay installing cameras on school buses, as part of an effort to stop drivers who illegally go by when the bus' red lights are flashing at a stop to pick up students, isn't likely to end up being a big deal.

  • Pollution not easy to fight [editorial]

    Pollution not easy to fight [editorial]

    To look at Falling Branch is to see a stream that looks pristine. The water is clear and fast flowing. The surrounding area is heavily wooded and, at this time of year, very green. Even the well-used path from a parking area to Kilgore Falls is generally kept clear of litter.

  • Think about the options [Editorial]

    Think about the options [Editorial]

    Responding to word from the Army that troop cuts expected service wide would have relatively little impact on Aberdeen Proving Ground, Harford County Executive Barry Glassman was rather reserved.


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