Daycare worker charged with murder in death of 8-month-old girl

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  • The next draft of Harford's history [Editorial]

    The next draft of Harford's history [Editorial]

    It's been said newspapers write the first draft of history. Even if we amend that in our contemporary world to say the media writes the first draft of history, it's still essentially true because somebody has to record and report about the world in which we live, or what would we know? But who...

  • What's always right [Editorial]

    What's always right [Editorial]

    When Aberdeen Mayor Patrick McGrady opened his mouth to whine about changes the City Council recently approved to the city charter, we could've sworn it was his voice, but our words coming out. "It's important the people get a say in what they vote for, and [that] they elect the next mayor for...

  • Chick-fil-gridlock [Editorial]

    Chick-fil-gridlock [Editorial]

    Chick-fil-A's plan to open a restaurant and drive-through at the corner of Baltimore Pike and Kelly Avenue Extended in Bel Air can be viewed as the proverbial two sides of the coin. On the one side, that another national fast food chain would want to come into downtown Bel Air in the same area...

  • Melvin Mora and the American Dream

    Melvin Mora and the American Dream

    Our heartfelt congratulations to former Baltimore Orioles player and team hall of fame member Melvin Mora, a Harford County resident who last week became a naturalized United States citizen. A hard-working man as a MLB player, who put down roots in our county some 16 years ago, Mora epitomizes...

  • The Route 22 morass [Editorial]

    The Route 22 morass [Editorial]

    Well-intentioned though it may have been, the reconstruction of three key intersections along Route 22 in Aberdeen will go down as one of the most star-crossed public works projects in Harford County history. Conceived more than a decade ago during the initial euphoria around the last round of...


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