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John Carroll point guard Immanuel Quickley commits to Kentucky

Decked out in a black suit and shades, John Carroll star point guard Immanuel Quickley stood before an enthusiastic crowd inside the Bel Air school’s gym Friday to announce his college destination. After a drum roll from the school’s pep band, he revealed under his suit a Kentucky Wildcats jersey....


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  • Better safe than sorry [Editorial]

    Better safe than sorry [Editorial]

    For the past umpteen years, there have been disagreements here and there about requiring the installation of sprinkler systems in buildings – public and private. That there has been any disputing the value of the added safety a sprinkler system brings is befuddling. There can only be one reason...

  • Warrior Pride [Editorial]

    Warrior Pride [Editorial]

    Havre de Grace has long been a prideful community full of people who love their hometown and its traditions. Some spend their whole lives in this community. Others do not. Some move away, only to return with their young families, hoping to give them the great lives they remember from growing up...

  • Teach, teach, teach [Editorial]

    Teach, teach, teach [Editorial]

    Perhaps no subject gets people more riled up than making schools accountable to the students and families they serve. Education is the proverbial hot button issue because, to paraphrase one of those old tomes, people demand quality and either a) think it’s someone else’s responsibility to deliver...

  • Preventing a death spiral [Editorial]

    Preventing a death spiral [Editorial]

    In a really bad year, between 30 and 35 people are killed on Harford County highways. In a typical year, if we can call it such, 20 to 25 die. Contrast that with the toll the heroin/opioid abuse epidemic has taken in the county in the past two years, 56 deaths last year and more than 60 and counting...

  • What ag zoning means [Editorial]

    What ag zoning means [Editorial]

    Opponents of the proposed Regent at Stone House wedding venue recently suffered a setback in their ongoing efforts to keep the project from winning regulatory approval. The Harford County Council decided last week that neither the council nor the zoning hearing examiner are the proper authorities...


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