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Edgewood High School Class of 2018 celebrates their many achievements

Hard work and determination has paid off for two members of the Edgewood High School Class of 2018, as well as their families. “It’s life changing, words can’t explain it,” graduate Rashard McAllister, 17, of Edgewood, said regarding his thoughts on earning his diploma. He stood outside the APG...


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  • Badge of courage [Editorial]

    Badge of courage [Editorial]

    There is no more dangerous and necessary profession in the United States than being a law enforcement officer. This, unfortunately, was driven home again this week with the killing of Baltimore County Police Department Officer First Class Amy Sorrells Caprio. Officer First Class Caprio, who had...

  • Some real green [Editorial]

    Some real green [Editorial]

    A lot of people around here get worked up over St. Patrick’s Day and the Wearin’ O the Green and all of its associated revelry. In Wednesday’s pp&t, there was plenty of other green for Harford County to be excited about. No, not money, but valuable green nonetheless, as in the green of environmentalism....

  • The Class of 2018 [Editorial]

    The Class of 2018 [Editorial]

    It’s been about 20 years since sunscreen was at the center of a talk one sage made to a graduating class. In a very popular recording from the late 1990s, the speaker said the best tip he could give those graduates was “sunscreen.” He said sunscreen would help preserve the outside of the youthful...

  • Why not? [Editorial]

    Why not? [Editorial]

    The grownups have spoken and their message – again – is that kids are to be seen, not heard. In this case, the grownups are members of the Harford County Board of Education, the majority of whom voted last week to not allow the student representative on the school board to have a vote that counts...

  • Watch that step [Editorial]

    Watch that step [Editorial]

    Around here, there’s a saying” isn’t it nice?” As in isn’t this nice, or isn’t that nice? Fairly often, those questions arise. This time, isn’t it nice Aberdeen is considering giving tax breaks for new employees as an incentive to have them work and live in the community? Well, yeah, it’s nice...


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Harford County beer: A tour of four breweries shaping the scene

Harford County beer: A tour of four breweries shaping the scene

Everyone likes a feel-good story, especially when it involves locals creating businesses in their figurative backyards, adding jobs and activity to an area that often could use them. And beer, of course — beer helps. For the past couple of years, that’s been a major story in Harford County: Craft...