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School bus attendant helps Edgewood student hit her stride

Debbie Brown, a new school bus attendant, just wanted to help a student who looked like she was struggling. When Brown saw that Sylva Green, a student on her Edgewood High School bus last year, was having pain and walking problems from a prosthetic leg that kept falling off, Brown decided to step...


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  • Exit Walmart, but what comes next?

    Exit Walmart, but what comes next?

    The Walmart battle may be over, but the war for the future of that large undeveloped forest in Bel Air South, where the giant retailer wanted to build a new store, has barely begun. Walmart has been operating a store for 23 years in Constant Friendship, a shopping area that is home to several other...

  • New era in Bel Air town government [Editorial]

    New era in Bel Air town government [Editorial]

    It's a new era in Bel Air town government. Gone are two veteran town commissioners, who have served the town very well. In their stead are two novices, who bring the promise of fresh eyes, fresh ideas and fresh perspectives. Additionally, Bel Air has a new mayor. Susan Burdette, an incumbent town...

  • Bailing out on commitment would be disingenuous [Editorial]

    Bailing out on commitment would be disingenuous [Editorial]

    A seat in the United States Senate is a dream job, full of the perks, the personal satisfaction and whatever else those who spend their lives in elected office find fulfilling. Opportunities to get one of those seats don't often come along. For many, they don't come even once. For others, they...

  • Time to talk back [Editorial]

    Time to talk back [Editorial]

    In the story that never ends, Harford County government is about to spend $1.2 million to buy another 346 portable radios for police, fire, EMS and others who need two-way mobile communications supported by the county. Every so often, whether we think we need them or not, the county goes out and...

  • Good test scores matter in Harford and everywhere else [Editorial]

    Good test scores matter in Harford and everywhere else [Editorial]

    Like it or not, some form of testing to measure student achievement in public schools is here to stay in this country. So, if the students in Harford County Public Schools in general far exceeded average results in Maryland and the rest of the country on the latest round of Partnership for Assessment...


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Perryman VFW post hosts inaugural Thanksgiving community meal Saturday