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Bel Air Elementary School unveils a Bulldog 'Heart of Harford'

Having been in the heart of Bel Air for more than 80 years, Bel Air Elementary School decided to get a "Heart of Harford" of its very own. On Tuesday morning, students, administrators, parents and local officials celebrated as they unveiled their new public art piece, full of "Bulldog pride," on...


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  • Stop shooting, start talking [Editorial]

    Stop shooting, start talking [Editorial]

    The degree to which guns pose a threat to the general public in this country is disturbing. Over the past several days, in the aftermath of a mass shooting on the campus of a community college in Oregon, the public focus has been on mass shootings. There's good reason for this, as such shootings...

  • Maybe it'll work [Editorial]

    Maybe it'll work [Editorial]

    A strange reality of American government is the decidedly uninviting atmosphere associated with places citizens are obliged to visit for purposes of conducting public business. Visit almost any courthouse to do anything from getting a marriage license to registering a will to filing a claim against...

  • Our maritime heritage [editorial]

    Our maritime heritage [editorial]

    The return of the skipjack Martha Lewis to Havre de Grace, anticipated for the spring of 2016, is a welcome signal that the preservation of Chesapeake maritime heritage is on strong footing. Historically, Havre de Grace has had only a tenuous link to Maryland's commercial skipjack fleet for a simple...

  • Hope for the future [Editorial]

    Hope for the future [Editorial]

    The 50th anniversary reunion of the Central Consolidated School's Class of 1965 speaks volumes about the resilience of the human spirit. Members of that graduating class had begun school 13 years earlier, presuming they attended kindergarten, three years prior to the U.S. Supreme Court in 1954...

  • Meeting a need? [Editorial]

    Meeting a need? [Editorial]

    Touted each year as an opportunity for officials from counties across Maryland to get together, compare notes, figure out who has the best ways of dealing with governmental problems and then taking those best practices home and implementing them, the annual Maryland Association of Counties convention...


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Harford steps up suicide awareness effort, plans to train community 'gatekeepers'