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Harford overdose deaths soar past 2016 total

Deaths in Harford County this year related to overdoses of heroin and other opioids soared past the total for all of 2016 in the past week, and the problem is expected to get even worse, the county Sheriff's Office reported. With more than four months left in 2017, the Sheriff's Office said there...


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  • Corn and our security [Editorial]

    Corn and our security [Editorial]

    From Fallston to Level, from Norrisville to Darlington, from Perryman to Forest Hill, and everywhere in between, it's hard to go anywhere in Harford County this summer and not see cornstalks high as the proverbial elephant's eye — probably higher. As Aegis staff member David Anderson's story in...

  • At one time, two Havre de Graces [Letter]

    At one time, two Havre de Graces [Letter]

    Editor: Thank you for publishing the notice of the visit by Christophe Bazzacaro of Le Havre to Havre de Grace (The Aegis, The Record, Aug. 110. As a long-time friend of citizens in Le Havre I have always taken a special interest in the connection between our two cities. I am grateful for David...

  • A true Harford hero [Editorial]

    A true Harford hero [Editorial]

    Following the Town of Bel Air's annual Flag Day observance in Shamrock Park two summers ago, a ramrod straight nonagenarian stood talking with County Councilman James McMahan, as several people stopped by and shook the man's hand. Robert "Bob" Smith had been invited to the ceremony by McMahan,...

  • Very special, indeed [Editorial]

    Very special, indeed [Editorial]

    The latest capital improvement program being developed by Harford County Public Schools for the next fiscal year continues what can loosely be called a positive trend. School officials are planning to spend more than $1 million retrofitting classrooms and other facilities to make them usable for...

  • Don't upgrade the roads, and development won't come [Letter]

    Don't upgrade the roads, and development won't come [Letter]

    Editor: Many, many studies have proven that widening roads does not relieve congestion after a year or two of their completion. To spare you the burdensome charts and statistics, we will quote former County Executive James Harkins when he addressed the Little Gunpowder Improvement Association,...


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10 ways to beat the heat in Harford County this summer

10 ways to beat the heat in Harford County this summer

Brace yourself — the dreaded dog days of summer are imminent. It won’t be long before pleasant breezes give way to sweltering heat, taking many activities from enjoyable to unbearable. But summertime in Harford County is saved by shady spots, nighttime novelties and plenty of waterborne recreation....