The fall season comes to a close in Harford

So, it seems to me it's been a while since our fall sports season was completely over before we celebrate our Thanksgiving holiday.

Well, that's exactly what happened Friday night when Fallston and Perryville each lost their respective region title football games. Fallston right here at home and Perryville down in Cambridge.

Were you in Fallston Friday night? If not, you missed quite the show. A show even I wasn't expecting.

I had never seen Kent Island's football team before; not this year or last or any year before that. What I had was a stat pack for offense, a roster and a quote or two from Buccaneers head coach Bryon Sofinowski.

It was quite clear to anyone who can read, Kent Island was a running machine, led by a kid named Evan Greenwood, whose stat line stood out like Troy Polamalu in a room full of bald men.

Greenwood came into the game just 58 yards shy of 2,000 for the season and he had done that in just nine games. I noticed he had a high number of carries in a few games, but nothing close to what I counted Friday night.

I watched with my own two eyes, with aid from my glasses, this young man carry the ball 57 times.

Before you say what's the big deal, let me say I can count just six other plays the Buccaneers called and ran, not relating to punts and intentional downings of the ball in the final minute.

Folks, Greenwood carried the ball 18 times in the first quarter alone. At that average he could have reached 72, but that would have been way crazy.

I don't have any verified proof, but I would bet large amounts of Hershey Kisses that some team(s) right here in Harford County didn't run 57 offensive plays in an entire game. To be honest, I'm not sure Fallston did in Friday's game. My count says 40-something. I could be off, but it's not likely it was 57. That said, I'm positive there were many teams who didn't run 57 offensive plays in a game this year and probably a lot of years before as well.

Regardless, you can't just disregard what the Cougars did this season and a few others in recent times. A 10-0 regular season is nothing to shake your head at. It was just two seasons ago that the Cougars were 9-0 before a loss to Aberdeen in Week 10. The Cougars have been knocking on the door for a few years now, but just haven't been able to open it.

Our other team, the Perryville Panthers, have also been pretty good the past three years. Their season ended in a very shocking way. The Panthers were squashed by the Vikings, 42-0.

Nothing went right from reports I heard, but, like Fallston, the result can't completely diminish what the Panthers have built.

Let me take this moment to wish each of you a very happy and safe Thanksgiving. I also want to wish my daughter, Kelsey, a special 19th birthday Friday. Happy birthday Kels, I love you.

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