A call to men looking to make a difference [Letter]


A group of us men who are let's say, Men of a Certain Age, have been contemplating for some time now about forming some kind of an organization (devoid of the things that oftentimes divide us i.e.; party-politics, class, race and etc.) to work collaboratively to help solve some of our county's most challenging problems.  

To that end we would like to start a conversation about such a group in Harford County that may interest you. My role at this point is simply to get the conversation started.

Our Mission

The primary mission of this organization will be, to help improve the quality of life in Harford County, especially in communities along the Route 40 corridor; enhancing, promoting and supporting public safety, education, and economic development along the Route 40 Corridor.

Our Vision

Men of a Certain Age in Southern Harford County will serve as a beacon of leadership by utilizing our collective talents, skills and life experiences to help develop the kind of county where all of its citizens can live, work, and play - right here in Harford County. To develop a county where all of our children will receive a world-class education, and not have to leave Harford County to start a career, find good paying jobs, or start a business. To empower all Route 40 Corridor residents to become self-sufficient shareholders in the educational, economic and social fabric of Harford County.

Our Values

Men of a Certain Age in Southern Harford County (friend and foe) will be committed to the intellectual and social development of all our youth and the economic empowerment of the Route 40 Corridor based on the following precepts: respect for family, spirituality, justice, equality, and integrity.

Our Membership

Men 40 years of age and older from all walks of life, all ethnic, religious, racial and occupational backgrounds to include but not limited to: professionals, non-professionals, blue collar, skilled workers and etc., who can and want to work as part of a team to realize the vision.  

If this is a conversation that you'd like to be part of, please feel free to respond to me @ jansen.robinson@hotmail.com; or contact me at 410-258-4552. And, please feel free to share this information with others that you feel may be interested.

We can discuss registration, dues and other related matters at a later date.

Janson Robinson


The writer is chairman of Harford County's Edgewood Community Council.

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