Delegate says why the delegation needs to be involved [Letter]

In response to a misleading letter that you received recently, I am providing you with the facts. The people that funded this phony letter to you are attempting to deceive and mislead you which will weaken our conservative cause.

The bill they are referring to is a minor reform of the system in Harford County because the GOP Central Committee has been ineffective and destructive. The Charter under which they operate makes it clear that the committee is supposed to promote the best interests of the Republican Party. Some of the members of the Harford Committee are associated with the Campaign for Liberty and have constantly attacked Republican officials.

Solid conservatives like Andy Harris and Harford County's next County Executive, Republican Senator Barry Glassman, have been targets of their wrath and misinformation. Other victims include the Harford County Republican Delegation. It is amazing that these power hungry wannabes would question the conservative credentials of the Harford lawmakers which The Baltimore Sun has characterized as the most conservative delegation in the General Assembly.

The Campaign for Liberty Group claims that Delegate Kathy Szeliga is pro-choice when she has actually been an effective leader in the pro-life movement for decades. Labeling Kathy as pro-choice is the equivalent of claiming Mother Teresa is pro-choice. This is how vicious and extreme this small group of radicals can be with their tactics.

They have even questioned my conservative credentials. For over 20 years on radio, sometimes as a lone voice, I promoted and defended conservative principles before this group ever existed. I have always been a Ronald Reagan Republican and a member of the Tea Party Caucus in the General Assembly. Claiming Delegate Pat McDonough is a "rino" [Republican In Name Only] is like claiming Senator Rand Paul is a liberal.

The people who are attacking Republican elected representatives also ran and lost their bid for public office. Obviously, based on the shameful letter from The Campaign for Liberty group, the voters exercised good judgment in Harford County. Another mistake that these radicals made was to believe the Harford County Delegation was composed of rubber-legged Republicans who would be intimidated and tolerate these unwarranted attacks. The Harford County Delegation is a different breed of solid conservatives, hardened by the wars in Annapolis, and strengthened by three successful election campaigns. We do not retreat from bullies or sore losers who attempt to confuse the voters who rejected them in the last election. On June 24 in the Republican primary election in Harford County, we will be on the battlefield with over 300 Super Citizen volunteers standing alongside of us. Warriors never back off from lies and personal attacks.

It is a disservice to the people of Maryland that these attack dogs would unleash their venom at a time when the Republican Caucus in Annapolis is fighting a brave but uphill battle against the super majority of radical Democrats. I think it would be a fair question to ask, "Where are these attack-dog phony Republicans when it comes to battle ground Annapolis?" They are nowhere to be found. Missing In Action!

Why are they not standing shoulder to shoulder with the men and women of the Republican Caucus fighting against a dishonest bloated budget, and other monstrous proposals hurting Marylanders

The most important question everyone should ask is, "Why are these radicals attacking conservatives and Tea Party legislators while maintaining a deafening silence when it comes to attacking O'Malley and the radical Democrat agenda?" All of the supporters of the Harford County Campaign for Liberty should be asking that important question

Remember, the mission of the Republican State Central Committee is to promote the best interests of the Republican Party and its elected officials. Not only has this small group failed in that responsibility by attacking Republicans, but they also have just simply failed in their basic duties as members. Other Republican State Central Committees, as part of tradition, have hosted annual Lincoln & Reagan Day fundraisers. The current Harford County Central Committee has never hosted a Lincoln Reagan Fundraiser, nor have they raised any funds for Republican causes or candidates. Simply put, they have been a dysfunctional, squabbling embarrassment.

For the most part, the Harford County Delegation and other Republican elected officials have just given up on them. However, when they begin to constantly and viciously attack Republican officials with lies, it is time to act. The Reform Act of the Harford County Central Committee only affects that committee. No other Central Committee in the state is impacted. When the primary elections occur on June 24, many of the current dysfunctional members will be unelected. Unfortunately, by law, they will still serve as lame ducks until November. They will use their lame duck positions to continue to divide the party, attack Republicans, and create confusion. The committee reform bill will help to defuse this situation.

The bottom line is that these people are third party radicals masquerading as Republicans who are determined to divide and destroy the GOP. At a time in our history when the GOP has become the last great hope for America, we do not deserve a Trojan horse in our party.

In the final analysis, you and I believe in the same principles, defending the Constitution, the Rule of Law, American exceptionalism, limited government, and other traditional values.

I have hosted more than 1,000 radio programs during my lifetime and, at the conclusion of every show, my statement is the following, "Truth and knowledge guarantee liberty. Keep the faith and keep punching." I not only say these words, I believe in them and live by them. To all of my fellow Republicans, conservatives, Tea Party activists, sincere and dedicated Committee members, patriots and Super Citizens: Stay alert, stay the course, and pursue the truth!

Del. Pat McDonough

District 7, Harford and Baltimore counties

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