Move to Opportunity links Edgewood to Baltimore [Letter]

Regarding the column by Allan Vought published July 17 in The about the Edgewood cycle of violence.

I have lived in Edgewood all but six years of my life. I was here when there was only one school on Willoughby Beach Road and no communities on either side of Edgewood Road.

Your observations are accurate enough to be uncanny.

I was at a meeting 10-plus years ago in the old Edgewood High School when our elected officials had a meeting between the community and two officials from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. I was there when they stood up and said that there would be NO MORE section 8 housing or programs in Edgewood; we all clapped loudly. What they did not tell us was they had repackaged the program with new names, "Move to Work" and "Move to Opportunity." When they destroyed the public housing in Baltimore and our governor called it "progress," guess where they folks moved: Edgewood, "Move to opportunity."

My first notice of a shift in attitudes was in the local high schoolers. When I come home from work I turn down Perry Avenue in front of the schools. Several times there were dozens of kids walking down the middle of the road (they still do). An incident occurred that required a call to the police. I found the officers observation telling. He said that walking in the middle of the road was a habit from the city. Children don't use sidewalks because they belong to gangs. You walk down the wrong sidewalk you are taking your life in your own hands.

Old habits die hard.

Again, thanks for your observations.

Mike Kauzlarich


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