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Has Harford County gone to the dogs? [Letter]

What has happened to the residents of Harford County?

An 81-year-old woman arrested and thrown in jail because her dogs wandered out of her yard a few times? A long time neighbor taking photos of the dogs loose while their owner was in the hospital? A judge ordering this woman held and demanding she get rid of all her pets before returning to the home she has lived in for 40 years?

Please folks, is this the best we can do as a community? Perhaps the long time neighbor could go out and open the gate for the dogs to return home. Or call the owner or call any one of the fantastic animal rescue groups we have here. If this issue was approached with kindness, it could have easily been resolved. But instead, our tax dollars were spent on numerous calls to animal control, court time, fines levied, jail time, etc. And the result of these actions: an elderly woman sentenced to pay fines she cannot afford and to live the remainder of her life without pets, the cruelest punishment imaginable for an animal lover. People it's not that difficult to live in peace with your neighbor. It starts with you. Be kind.

Terry Baker

Bel Air

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