Walking through Harford for a good cause [Editorial]

From time to time, the pages of this newspaper are graced by a story about someone like George Throop, who passed through Harford County recently on a walk that started in Washington state and is slated for an end on Long Island.

His cause: promoting healthy living.

"As I walk across America I am encouraging people to get up and take a walk today," Throop told reporter Krishana Davis last week when he stopped by a Joppa-Magnolia Volunteer Fire Company station.

He also wants everyone to know he believes there's a good chance eating right, exercising regularly and avoiding stress will probably help people live longer, more rewarding lives. Though fads come and go touting the health benefits of any number of things, diet, exercise and avoiding stress have been touted by health experts for generations, so Throop's message seems solidly grounded.

And he's in good company among those who walk through Harford County on their way to a physical destination that is often less vital than their moral goal. It's probably a rare week when a dedicated scan of the roadways of Harford County wouldn't turn up at least one person walking to advocate for healthy living, fighting cancer, supporting veterans, reducing greenhouse gases, freeing Tibet, saving souls or myriad other good causes.

Sometimes, as in Throop's case, they garner a bit of attention while passing through. Sometimes they pass through largely unnoticed.

It's nice to be reminded, from time to time, that people are out there who are willing to put aside, at least for a time, the routine of daily life to call attention to a good cause.

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