Practice fire safety [Editorial]

For more than a week, it's been Fire Prevention Week in Harford County and elsewhere.

There have been countless scenes of kids climbing on fire trucks, holding hoses and just in general getting a taste of the firefighting life. Perhaps some of those kids who say they want to be firemen when they grow up will do just that. But that's a story for another day.

Today's story is fire prevention. Fire prevention is real and real important. This week especially, when we've had the first taste of colder weather and folks have started heating their houses for the first time since last winter, people need to be mindful of the lessons firefighters were teaching during the various open houses at fire stations across Harford County.

The focus of Fire Prevention Week 2013 was kitchen safety. Fire officials say that more house fires start in the kitchen than anywhere else. Cooking safety, obviously, is a priority. But so is safely heating your home, decorating your home for Halloween and Christmas and other holidays, etc., etc.

Much of fire and any other kind of safety is common sense, being alert and paying attention to what you're doing.

To steal a line from Smokey Bear in those old TV commercials: "Only you can prevent house fires."

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