Abingdon VFC seeks to attract and retain members

With 290 active members, the Abingdon Volunteer Fire Company is in great shape, but things can always improve, according to Andrew Nau, recruitment and retention coordinator for the fire company.

"We really do have people almost banging the door down to get into Abingdon ... if you have the time and the talent we'll find something for you to do," Nau said during Monday's monthly Abingdon Community Council meeting held at the Abingdon Library.

Nau noted, however, the company, which operates stations on Abingdon and Willoughby Beach roads, struggles to retain personnel.

He said "one in five" volunteers do not remain active more than six months, and the company has eight paid mergency medical tecnicians and paramedics to help cover active shifts.

Nau said the majority of calls come between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m., when most volunteers are at work.

He also noted the company responds to a vehicle accident in its service area "almost daily."

Roads where a large numbers of accidents occur include Riverside Parkway and I-95, he said.

Nau said company leaders want to "do anything we can to make Abingdon Fire Company be better."

To find out more about Abingdon VFC and volunteering, check out the company's website at http://www.abingdonfc.com.

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