Four vie for seats on Perryville town board

The Town of Perryville's election for mayor and two seats on the Board of Town Commissioners will be held Tuesday, May 12.

The polling place on the second floor of Town Hall, 515 Broad St., will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Election Day.

According to Town Clerk Jackie Sample, 2,678 residents are registered for the election.

Mayor Jim Eberhardt, 69, is running for a sixth two-year term and has no opposition.

There are three candidates for the two town board seats up this year.

Incumbent Commissioner Barbara Brown, 68, is the longest serving member of the four-member board and is seeking her sixth two-year term.

Incumbent Commissioner Raymond Ryan III is seeking his second term. He joined the board in 2012.

The third candidate is Kenneth Reil Sr., 46, running for town election for the first time.

Commissioners Alan Fox and Michelle Linkey aren't up for election this year.

Jim Eberhardt

Jim Eberhardt is retired from the Baltimore District of the Army Corps of Engineers, where he was a comptroller, and has his own business providing financial training courses to federal employees.

Eberhardt is married with two children and two grandchildren. He is a native of Perryville.

"I've been at it for a while now, and things are going pretty well," the mayor said, when asked why he is running for re-election.

Eberhardt noted that property taxes have been lowered several times since he took office.

"I think we've put the town in an extremely good financial situation," he said.

Eberhardt said he wants to continue town projects such as developing parks and building a police station to replace the trailer that is the home of the Perryville Police Department.

He also wants to repair municipal streets and stormwater infrastructure.

Barbara A. Brown

"Once you get involved in getting something done, or doing things, those two years fly by real fast," said Brown, who was elected to the town board in 2002.

The Perryville native is retired from the Cecil County public school system, where she worked in the administrative office of the Cecil County School of Technology. She also spent about 25 years on the town's planning and zoning board, and served as chair for about five of those years.

She is single, with no children.

Like the mayor, Brown notes that town property taxes were lowered during her time on the town board.

Brown serves as commissioner of parks and recreation, and she talked about how she has worked with fellow town officials to get a local hotel tax approved, and worked with the state to obtain grant funds to improve features of existing town parks, such as a kayak launch at the Community Park, and to purchase land for new parks such as Ice House Park.

She wants to continue to improve Perryville's parks, and its historic spots such as Rodgers Tavern.

"I am always interested in how we can improve the town and save money at the same time," she said.

Kenneth Reil Sr.

Kenneth Reil is a cook at the Perry Point VA Medical Center, where he has been employed for 13 years.

He is married, has four sons and two grandchildren. He is a native of Havre de Grace, and has lived in Perryville for 23 years. He is a former volunteer with Perryville Little League and the Community Fire Company of Perryville.

"I want to be honest, loyal and transparent to the people," Reil said. "I want them to know who I am and they can talk to me at any given time that they see me."

He said he wants town officials to work to attract more small businesses, establish a Boys and Girls Club so children have a place to go after school and clean up areas of the town that are not "well kept."

"We need to bridge the gap between the townspeople and the town administrators," Reil said. "That way, people are involved; people know what's going on."

Raymond Ryan III

Raymond Ryan is running for his second term as commissioner. He is a member of the Community Fire Company of Perryville.

He could not be reached for an interview for this article.

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