Mardi Gras parade lights up Havre de Grace

Bourbon Street was lit up with brightly colored floats, costumes and lights for Mardi Gras Tuesday night.

New Orleans was full of pageantry as well.

For the sixth straight year, Havre de Grace held its annual Mardi Gras parade on the Tuesday before Lent. Starting at 6:30 p.m., floats with flashing lights and brightly costumed participants wowed onlookers as they passed through downtown Havre de Grace, throwing them beads and chocolate coins.

Wayne Zackery lives just a block away from Bourbon Street and came to see the parade with his son and girlfriend.

"We're from here, we're not in New Orleans, and this is the next best thing," Zackery said. "I came just to see what they're going to do next, what floats we're going to see."

"Plus, we like getting beads thrown at us, too," Zackery added.

Havre de Grace resident Steve Benz came with his two sons, Mike and Matthew.

"The kids like the beads, the different looks at everything, the different costumes and all," Benz said. Matthew thought for a second about his favorite part, before deciding "all of it" and then running to pick up beads.

Stephanie Blitz came with her son, Gabriel, to watch her children walk in the parade as part of the Havre de Grace Drama Guild.

"We've been here for a couple of [Mardi Gras parades]," Blitz said. "We like seeing all of the different groups from the parade."

Gabriel, 4, was supposed to walk in the parade with his pre-kindergarten class, but couldn't.

"A knee injury kept Mommy from walking in it," Stephanie Blitz explained. Gabriel didn't seem to mind.

" I have bubbles!" Gabriel exclaimed, as he blew bubbles from a bottle he was holding, at least a dozen strings of beads around his neck.

Raul and Sharon Navarro only moved to Havre de Grace with their two children from central New Jersey a week and half ago, and were attending the parade for the first time. Raul said parades in New Jersey were nothing like this, and occurred only on the 4th of July.

"It's all fire trucks and ambulances [there]," Sharon added. "This was a pretty awesome thing."

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