Gamatoria, 55, has been heavily involved with Susquehanna Hose Company, and said he works for a "woman-owned small business" called Safe Check, which installs fire doors and similar devices.

"I had a really good experience last time [on the council] and I wanted to continue to run, but I had to step down," Gamatoria said, adding, "I think I did a pretty job last time."

"There's a lot on the table right now that can be very challenging," he said. "The things that are on the table are obviously the challenges with the budget, and the challenges with the budget are really [about] the capital cost recovery fees."

"We really need to get our arms around that," he said, explaining the city needs to find a way to generate revenue in a housing slump.

The possibility of a countywide water and sewer authority will also pose a big challenge to Havre de Grace, he said.

Gamatoria said he understands the process and the responsibility that it takes to be on the council.

"It's a lot of responsibility to serve and I don't take that lightly."

Gamatoria has been putting up signs and campaigning door to door, which he said he will keep doing.

"It's not a big, partisan, political-type race," he said about his opponents. "The other three, they are all good people. They are putting themselves out there."

As for himself, he added: "I wouldn't run if I didn't think I could win."