Havre de Grace Councilman Bill Martin, right, is presented Monday with a British cannonball from the War of 1812 by Mayor Wayne Dougherty. (BRYNA ZUMER | RECORD STAFF, Bryna Zumer / March 6, 2013)

Havre de Grace's election season in May is ramping up already, and it hasn't even formally started yet.

Just before the day to start filing applications, Mayor Wayne Dougherty announced he would be running for mayor once again, while a former councilman said he hopes to regain his seat.

Dougherty made his announcement after the city council meeting Monday, saying he deliberately did not want to say anything during the meeting.

Candidates could start filing Tuesday for the May 7 election, according to the city website.

Dougherty, who filed Tuesday, explained his work for the city remains unfinished.

"It's the number of projects that I still have going. I like to see them through," he said, adding that cutting taxes and other measures have kept the city successful through rough economic times. "This administration is on the right course."

"I give that credit to the staff," he said. "I think about the taxpayers, I think about what they have to suffer through."

Dougherty said he wants to continue providing public safety and supporting infrastructure in the city.

"It's been a great six years and I would like to see a couple of projects finished," he said, listing the city's plan to buy Steve Gamatoria's property on the water, work on Lilly Run and the planned renovation of the opera house among them.

Also after the meeting, former councilman Fred Cullum said he would be filing Tuesday as well.

Cullum, who submitted his application the next day, lost last year after serving on the council for many years.

"I spent 16 years [there] and I think I still have a lot to offer," he said about his decision. "I think the city is in good shape financially."

Although work still needs to be done on the water and sewer side, he said, "we just have to maintain and do the right things."

Meanwhile, Jim Miller, another former councilman who lost to newcomers last year, said he was considering running again.

"I have had a couple of people ask me about it," he said, noting he did not know if he would actually file.

Miller noted he might be too "outspoken" to win in Havre de Grace.

Budget introduction

The Havre de Grace council introduced a "lean" budget for the 2014 fiscal year, Dougherty said during an official submission of the proposed budget to the city council on Monday.

The budget would have the city spending $15,942,700 for 2014, slightly more than the $15,180,200 projected for fiscal year 2013.

"We have done our best to keep it lean," Dougherty said about the budget.