Dougherty said if there is one person he will always support, it is Ray Rice.

"I think the Super Bowl went well and I'm totally satisfied with the outcome," he said.

Smith said he has a colleague who lives in New Orleans and had positive things to say about Ravens fans.

"He was very impressed with all the people he met from Maryland, from Baltimore," Smith said. "Everyone was friendly, they were having a great time and that really spoke well of the state and the region."

Martin said he proudly got a Baltimore Sun paper announcing the Ravens as Super Bowl champions.

"I will never pick on Joe Flacco again, I promise," he joked. "It really galvanizes our state and brings people together."

While the Ravens were dismissed a bit when they won 12 years ago, this time, "people are really saying nice things about the Baltimore Ravens," Martin said.

"It's nice that your hometown team is a team you can tell your kids, 'This is who you want to be like,'" he said of the Ravens' character.

In other action:

• Xavier Whiting, of Meadowvale Elementary School, Andrew Steckler, of Havre de Grace Elementary School, Katie Klisavage, of Havre de Grace Middle School and Natassia Smith, of Havre de Grace High School were honored as students of the month.

• The council approved four special events: a War of 1812 re-enactment on May 4 and 5, the Pirate Fest 5K run on July 13, the annual Pirate Gala on July 13 and the annual Candlelight Tour on Dec. 8.

• Smith said the Drama Guild is hosting a flapjack breakfast on Feb. 9 and noted the day was the 100th birthday of Rosa Parks.

• Correri said the Havre de Grace Chiefs girls softball team is having its bull and shrimp roast on Feb. 16 at the community center.

This story has been updated from earlier online versions and contains corrections to the selling price and the property tax appraisal in 2012.