It may not be surprising that some produce is more popular than others.

"Everybody loves tomatoes, so that is very popular. Zucchini, you see a lot of that," Zimmerman said. "People grow herbs of various sorts. Basil, that is very popular; things like cucumber, green beans."

While gardeners must provide their own seeds, equipment and gardening know-how, the camaraderie comes free.

"It appeals to different people, and some people just like the idea of doing things with a group, because it really is a way to build community spirit," Zimmerman said.

Most recently, the gardens ran into some issues from heavy rainfall that organizers are still trying to fix.

"Right now, they actually had a problem with two of the gardens in terms of excess rain," Wagner said.

The Green Team is also looking at new ways to promote the gardens. Organizers are planning to have a garden float in the city's Independence Day Parade and want to have a contest for the largest vegetable.

They also still have room to expand the garden on Seneca Avenue, if they decide to keep expanding.

"We are looking to increase knowledge about the gardens in the city," Zimmerman said.

Wagner said they have been "wonderful" for Havre de Grace.

"I think it's been tremendous. In terms of the Green Team, it's the one visible sign that people can see, and people are interested in it," she said. "There was just a group of young people, people from different garden groups, and they were looking at their stuff, and it's just beautiful."