Craig, 39, said he enjoys the budget process and looks forward to continuing to lower the property tax rate. The city council has approved decreases in the rate in recent years, which came in the aftermath of a substantial rate increase.

Craig was first elected to the council in 2007. He also served in the Navy after graduating from Havre de Grace High School and works for the Maryland Environmental Service.

Craig said he decided to run again after talking with his family, specifically his wife.

"I feel like we are doing good things there in the city and we are getting good things happening there," he said. "It's a tough time to be in local government."

Craig said he enjoys work and likes interacting with many different community organizations, from the Susquehanna Hose Company to the Lock House Museum.

"Our budget is not that big compared to the quality of services we have been able to give," he said.

Havre de Grace's budget has been a source of pride, he said.

"The evidence is there, that we have been lowering our finances, didn't have to furlough employees," he said.

Craig said he has been out talking to voters and attending a lot of events.

He thinks the race has been "fair" so far and said he was glad to see some new people step up to run.

While crime has been a "problem in spots," Craig said he has been happy to continue keeping the police department fully staffed.

Correri, 61, is running again after having been involved with city government since the mid-1970s, including two separate stints as acting mayor.

He said he will again "do my thing" by putting signs up and trying to talk with his friends and connections.

"I work fairly well with the current council and would like to continue working to make things better for Havre de Grace and the citizens, and I think things are going fairly well with all the circumstances around us and I think it's a good position," he said.

"As a senior member, it kind of works to my advantage with the present council," Correri added, saying he has respect for the other current members.

He noted the city plans to give residents another tax cut and would like to see that get passed.

He is also "keeping an eye on" several projects around town, notably planned renovations to the Opera House.

Council challengers

Barnes, 46, a newcomer to city politics, has been president of the city's Drama Guild after moving to Havre de Grace from Abingdon 10 years ago.

"I felt we needed to get a vision from the citizens instead of just the same old vision that's out there," he said in an earlier interview