More about the Aberdeen Room activities

Last week we talked about recent donors to the Aberdeen Room. Since we wrote, more information items have arrived that we want to acknowledge.

Ruth Peters brought in a scrapbook that was found in the old Southern Methodist Church on West Bel Air Avenue. Evidently, it is devoted to the Aberdeen High School Class of 1945. Why was this left at the church? Because it has programs about the Class of 1945, and photos of young faces that we do not recognize, we really need help on this valuable historical item. Anybody out there to help?

William Hanson has donated photos of the Ripken family taken at the Ripken Museum event at Festival Park. These are great photos, of Cal Sr., Vi and grandchildren. This is an important addition to the Ripken family file.

Among the many old printed items donated by the Printing Press is a brochure from Saint George's Cemetery founded in 1671. This is a very valuable addition to the Saint George's file.

And about this donation, we have another one from Mollie Maslin. She has brought the map of the original cemetery at the "mother" church in Perryman. St. George's is where many of our early Harford countians worshipped, attended school at the parish house and had their social lives in early Harford. Most of the early families were Church of England members. This is a large map and also shows later additions.

From the Printing Press we also have a book, "25th IOTA NU Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity." This is in the library at the museum.

There is also a booklet about the 1958 Second U.S. Army Bowling Tournament. Anyone remember that?

Helping us remember all the exciting events happening when Aberdeen celebrated its 100th anniversary in 1992 are "Aberdeen News" newsletters from that year.

This reminds us that Aberdeen will be having another anniversary in just a very few short years – its 125th! Something to begin thinking about!

Back in 1992, the Aberdeen Room Archives and Museum was able to contribute so much information for that celebration. Having been founded in 1987, in those years before the event, we had collected very relevant photos and information for the "Almanac" publication, and committee members.

Unfortunately, many of those hard working Aberdeen Room volunteers at the museum have passed on. Others have had big changes in their lives and have moved. The Aberdeen Room is open three days a week – Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

We would like to be able to do any job of historical value for the coming years. We need dedicated people who would enjoy contributing their memories and talents. People who are computer literate. People who enjoy talking to visitors. People with ideas.

Read our newsletters on We are at 18 Howard St. in downtown Aberdeen. Phone number is 410-273-6325. You can email us at

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