Looking back in the files at the Aberdeen Room, we find so many reminders of anniversary years in Aberdeen's history.

This year marks the 125th anniversary of the volunteer Aberdeen Fire Department. In just three more years, the City of Aberdeen will also celebrate its 125th birthday of its incorporation as a town.

Getting ready for the centennial year in Aberdeen was exciting! Remember?

Chuck Jacobs was chairman, Leslie McGlothin was vice chairman, Larry Harris was treasurer and Jane Mello was secretary. The executive committee included Wilma Arford, Flo Bradley, Maria Fothergill, Rowe Haywood, Ron Kupferman, Ron Landbeck, Jon Livezey, Ed Mellow, Judy Michalski, Kathy Ray, Sue Swisher and Rev. Neal Wirtanen. Things began to get underway.

It was 1991, and the Aberdeen Room Archives and Museum opened the doors on their new home at 58 N. Parke St. with a ribbon-cutting ceremony on May 25. As luck had it, the facility, that was founded in 1987, had collected enough historic material to supply photos and information to help in the planning of centennial activities, and publication of the "Centennial Almanac."

The centennial logo was designed, and a kickoff weekend and parade were planned.

The centennial logo, designed by Jeff Wilkinson, appeared on their official letterhead and on T-shirts which went on sale from committee members for $10. Centennial keepsakes bearing the new seal, such as coffee mugs, pins, license plate frames, were being developed.

The centennial logo design itself represents a great deal of Aberdeen history.

The eagle represents the USA, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Aberdeen High School and the eagle protection program at APG.

The leaves surrounding the seal represent international peace.

The tank and helicopter represent APG, established in 1917, and technology on the post.

The William B. Baker House on West Bel Air Avenue represents community and history within the Town of Aberdeen.

Route 40 was built in 1934; I- 95 in 1963, and the train and railroad were built in the 1830s. They represent the importance of transportation in the Town of Aberdeen.

The Lamp of Knowledge represents technology at APG and the value of education in the community.

This logo still appears in much of Aberdeen's historic material, and its importance should not be forgotten!

The centennial kickoff weekend was scheduled for March 21 and 22 and Centennial Celebration Days set for May 29 through June 6, 1992. A fabulous parade on June 6 and a grand finale fireworks display concluded the week's festivities. The parade included 500 members of the Boumi Temple string band and marching units.

The Aberdeen Proving Ground would also celebrate its 75th year of operation in 1992. The Centennial Committee and APG worked together in an effort to coordinate a variety of joint events.