Anniversaries celebrated in the past

It was June in 1960 in Aberdeen, and one of the town's organizations was celebrating its 25th anniversary with "The Arc Lite." The R. Lee Mitchell family saved this program, and it was included in a scrapbook of 1960.

It was a grand affair, with President Clarence Boyle, Vice President Donald Tag, Secretary G. Kissler Livezey III and Treasurer Robert Vogel. The 1960s were very progressive years for Aberdeen and the Rotary Club members contributed a great deal.

In December 1962, the Aberdeen Rotary Club celebrated its Eighth Annual International Night. On that evening, they were honoring foreign officers, the U.S. Army Ordnance School. Foreign guests were from Korea, Laos, Philippines, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, Venezuela and Vietnam.

On April 3, 1965, a testimonial dinner was held for Police Chief James B. Ray. The speaker for the evening was Lt. Gov. George Davidson, chief of operations for the Maryland State Police. Chief Ray was retiring after a long career in Aberdeen. This program was part of the Mitchell collections.

In July 1964, there was a clipping from "The Aegis" about the celebration of the opening of the New Harford County Office Building in Bel Air. C. Milton Wright, who had just written a history of Harford County, gave the address.

Another clipping was from the "Harford Democrat" about the new appointment of the Harford Count Supervisor of Elementary Education Marita Watts. She was presented with a newly published history by C. Milton Wright.

Another clipping was from the "Harford Democrat" in May of 1957, when the U.S. Office of Education named Robert Melville to the Honor Roll of Teachers. Melville taught physical education at Aberdeen's Halls Cross Roads Elementary.

From a 1940 scrapbook is a program from the Aberdeen High School Senior Play "Mistakes at the Blakes." Characters included William Connellee, Emet O'Brien, Mary Alice Storath, Paul Cain, Jane Delgar, Eugene Welch, Belle Sleeper, Gail Steele, Marie Coulter and John Paxton.

In the 1960s, Aberdeen also lost good friends. The scrapbook included an obituary fro Sen. Millard Tydings in February 1961 and G. Kessler Livezey in 1964.

From Sunday, July 1, 1973, there is a program for the closing ceremony for the Aberdeen Elementary School, on Sunday. Dr. A.A. Roberty, superintendent of Harford County Schools spoke. The board of education officers were President Miles Hanna, Vice-President Charles Nealy, Mrs. Herman Gay, George Litchfield, Mrs. Henry Richardson, Thomas Snodgrass and Benjamin Tobin served on the Board of Education.

The invocation for the closing of Aberdeen Elementary was given by Rev. Don Pollard, a welcome by Principal Lloyd Fry, introduction by Roberty and a presentation of the "Historical Booklet of Aberdeen Elementary" compiled for Fry by the president of the Parent Teachers Association Robert Jameson. Remarks were made by Aberdeen Mayor George Adams, J. W. Cronin, Class of 1952 James Kilby, student Kathleen Smith and Sen. William James.

Another important event in 1973, on April 15, was the dedication of Aberdeen's new Fire Department. A scrapbook holds the program from that dedication.

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