Safety is a major concern, not just in Aberdeen

Safety is a major concern as we drive on our roadways at all times, particularly now, with construction along the way to and from Aberdeen. Road crews will be working for months to improve our streets and highways to make way for greater traffic to come.

Abiding by traffic laws is a must. Traffic lights and other road signs are there to keep traffic moving safely. More than ever, we must drive defensively.

Special road signs must be respected. We should always slow down whenever road crews are in the area, and above all, take their directions. They have a job to do.

Paying full attention to driving is a must! Making phone calls, or other means of communication, should be set aside for another time, or pull over from the road.

Laws of the road must be respected on our major highways, and in our neighborhoods. Public works crews are doing their jobs, as well. Drive slowly, and signal if you wish to pass public works vehicles.

Pedestrians also must respect the laws. Traffic signals are made for them to observe, as well. Crossing streets in front of traffic is very dangerous.

Drivers, in turn, must respect the rights of pedestrians. It is not too unusual for drivers to make U-turns in the middle of Aberdeen downtown. There is extremely dangerous! There is no way for a pedestrian to defend himself from such a driver.

Speeding on downtown streets is a no-no, just as it is on our major highways!

Using marked walkways is not as safe as it should be. One in 10 drivers respect the marked streets. Perhaps they could be marked more clearly!

Summer is fast approaching, and there will be more street work, more children out of school, more bicycles, as well as major construction on our roadways, coming in and going out of Aberdeen.

Slow down, and abide by the laws. Use good common sense when an unusual event may occur.

As in all we do, show civility when we are driving, or walking, on streets. In this respect, lives are at stake.

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