Aberdeen council keeps talking annexation agreement, election law changes

Aberdeen city council members discussed plans to keep talking about the annexation agreement with the Presbyterian Home site, election law changes and, on Oct. 7, amendments to its transit-oriented development plan.

About the Presbyterian Home annexation, city manager Doug Miller said: "I think the county would prefer we take over ownership of Long Drive."

"That may create enclave issues for us and we may wish not to do it," Miller said.

The developer had proposed to annex nine acres on Long Drive and build eight to 10 single-family homes, apartments and 19,000 square feet of commercial buildings.

The council had proposed some changes in city election laws, including emphasizing the nonpartisan nature of the city elections and potentially eliminating a requirement of 25 signatures on a petition in order to become a candidate for city office.

The legislation would also change the terms of the election board to four years, in line with the recently-changed term limits for the council members and mayor.

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