Aberdeen looks into buying property for water system

The City of Aberdeen is considering buying property near a city storage facility at the end of North East Road that it hopes to use for its water system someday.

City manager Doug Miller said at a city council work session Monday that he wants to buy what is known as the Cullum property to add to the city's water campuses.

"We think it would be a good addition for the city. Also, the property owners approached us saying they were interested in selling the property," Miller told the council members.

"My thought someday is we would put a very large water tank on that site," Miller added.

Miller said he could not disclose the asking price yet since the property is still under negotiation.

The total parcel is 1.28 acres.

He said he expects to introduce the proposal at a council meeting next week.

Election laws, Route 22 signs

The council is also proposing some changes in city election laws, including emphasizing the nonpartisan nature of the city elections and potentially eliminating a requirement of 25 signatures on a petition in order to become a candidate for city office.

The legislation would also change the terms of the election board to four years, in line with the recently-changed term limits for the council members and mayor.

The council also talked about Route 22 being widened to the gate at Aberdeen Proving Ground, which Miller said will mean sacrificing the Aberdeen city sign on the road.

Miller said the State Highway Administration is putting $45,000 toward replacing the sign for the city.

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