Good Samaritan buys strangers' groceries in Havre de Grace

Some lucky shoppers at a Havre de Grace supermarket received a true random act of kindness Friday, when an unidentified man paid for their groceries at the checkout.

The man came into the Weis Markets store, in the 900 block of Pulaski Highway, asking to pay for random shoppers' groceries until his money ran out, Weis District Manager Karla Warren said Friday afternoon.

The Good Samaritan spent a little more than $1,000 in cash buying groceries for eight to 10 people standing in checkout line at the Weis, Warren said.

"[The Weis staff] really don't know him as being an everyday or familiar customer," Warren said. "He said he had come into some good fortune and wanted to use it to help others out."

Warren said her staff described the man as about 5 feet, 10 inches tall, in his late 40s and a little on the heavy side. He was wearing casual clothes with a baseball cap.

Warren said the man went back and forth between the two registers that were open at the time, paying for customers' groceries.

Some Weis employees said the man sat on a bench near the two checkout lines waiting to bestow his random gifts.

"He was definitely looking for anybody who had kids or looked like they could use some help," Warren said. "He was very polite and the people were ecstatic."

Warren said she had never seen that kind of generosity or kindness in her store before.

The man walked inside the Weis around 9 a.m. and spoke to the store's front monitor, Warren said. She said the man asked for permission to pay for people's groceries and "we told him it was up to him."

Warren said the man remained in the store for about a hour.

"I think it goes without saying, you can get choked up about it," Warren said. "For someone to just pass it along; it's a good feeling for everyone."

Aegis staff member Randy McRoberts contributed to this article.

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