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Harford spends $109,000 on last week's storm

Despite getting a negligible amount of snow from last week's predicted "big one," Harford County's Highways Division still racked up $109,000 in salt, overtime and other storm-related costs, mostly from work done along the county's northern tier.

The Wednesday, March 6, snow event, "the big one that didn't happen," in the words of county spokesman Bob Thomas, cost the county $109,668 for DPW highways personnel to treat the roads and plow snow, mostly in the Norrisville area.

According to Thomas, 159 personnel worked the event, with most reporting to work at 3:30 a.m. on March 6 and being released at 5 that afternoon.

Approximately 454 tons of salt were used in treating Harford County roads, said Thomas, who also noted there were no reported accidents or incidents involving county highways personnel during the event.

Though forecasts had called for as much as 10 inches of snow, no more than and inch or two actually fell, almost all of it from Bel Air north to Pennsylvania.

Areas of southern Harford, along the I-95 and Route 40 corridor, experienced mainly rain throughout the day. In the Bel Air area, snow fell overnight, but was mostly washed away by the rain during the day last Wednesday.

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