He said he still sails and goes fishing, and he thinks an expanded waterfront would encourage that.

"It's just nice to have that open space for people," he said. "A lot of the view of the river has been restricted."

Another referendum supporter was Harford County Executive and Havre de Grace resident David Craig, who voted shortly after 7 p.m.

"I am 100 percent in favor of buying as much waterfront property as possible," Craig, a former Havre de Grace mayor, explained after casting his ballot. He declined to say who he supported for mayor.

Ron Lenzner, of Native Dancer Circle in Bulle Rock, has lived in the city for eight years and also voted for the waterfront.

"I think that was important. That's a long-term investment," Lenzner said.

Bernie and Michele Wimmers moved to Majestic Prince Circle in Bulle Rock within the past year. They were also big supporters of the Gamatoria property.

"I felt strongly about buying it," Bernie Wimmers said. "It's such a pretty waterfront, I would hate to see a condo go there or Burger King there."

Murray and Margaret Lawder disagreed. They thought the asking price for the property was too much.

"I want him to sell it to someone else," Murray Lawder said.

On the mayoral front, opinions seemed split but voters were not strongly against either one.

"I voted for Jim Miller, just for a change. I don't like to see too many politicians stay in office too long," McIntyre said, but noted he liked both Miller and Dougherty.

"Both were good," he said. "I think [Dougherty] has done good."

Lenzner did not vote for Dougherty, for the same reason.

"It just seems like it's good to have a change," he said. "I am not happy with the current policies."

The Lawders, who are part of the Lawder family that has lived in Havre de Grace for four generations, stuck with Dougherty.

"I think he's done a good job so far for the city," Murray Lawder said.