"Last year was cold; this year it hurts, but it's for a good cause," Martin said.

Martin said the brief pain of getting in and out of the cold water was worth it to support the fire company.

"These men and women that volunteer, they get up at 3 in the morning all year round [to answer calls]," he said. "The way I look at it, we can jump in the river for one minute to support them."

He was recognized as the top fundraiser, with $250 collected. Mayor Wayne Dougherty, who did not dunk, raised $200 and Alex Cardwell, the teenage son of Dena and Ron Cardwell, raised $160 and dunked.

They all received duck decoys donated by local carvers. The "best costume" award winner, Steve Kenton, of the Susquehanna Hose Company, also received a duck.

The ducks were donated by carvers Charlie, Bobby and Joey Jobes, and Pat Vincenti, according to the event organizers.

Local photographer Scott Moody donated a print of the Concord Point Lighthouse as a raffle prize, which Chanse Scott won, according to Wendi Hurst.

She said Linda Packard won a Kindle Fire, also a raffle prize, donated by Eddy Ann Hurst – mother of Scotty and Shawn – in memory of her late husband Lee.

Wendi Hurst noted a number of businesses provided sponsorships and contributed food and drinks.

Bill Bateman's Bistro of Havre de Grace provided a free breakfast for the dunkers Saturday morning and hosted a party for them Friday night; 15 percent of Friday's proceeds went to the fire company.

Participants could also enjoy donuts from the local Dunkin' Donuts and hot drinks from Java by the Bay.

The Duck Dunk drew people from Harford County, as well as out-of-state residents.

Shane Seningen, a resident of Brookhaven, Pa., who keeps his boat at the City Marina, dunked for the first time Saturday.

He said it was "actually not as bad as I thought it would be, not good, but also not as bad."

"I'm shivering off what little body fat I had," he remarked to his friend and fellow first-time dunker, Scott Karg, of Havre de Grace.

Karg also keeps his boat at the marina. He noted the volunteers of the Susquehanna Hose Company would respond to an emergency at his family's home or when they were on the water.

"If something were to happen, that's who's going to come and save the day," he said.