A mixed bag as we begin our post 4th of July news [Column]

Well, on this first post-4th of July column, there's a mixed bag of stuff that seems to be circulating around in my head.

It's been a week or so, but I have to put together a few words reference the World Cup. Let me simply say, I'm glad it's over for the United States.

Soccer, or should I say "futball," is a wonderful sport, that when played at its best levels is an absolute pleasure to watch. It can also be quite entertaining and downright funny when the young ones start to play.

That said though, too many went way overboard on this World Cup. Without question, US soccer has gotten better over the past several years, although one could raise question with this year's finish as it is the same as four years ago, right?

And then what happens. The words start flying that it's the coach who is the problem. That always the case. When they win, it's about the players, but when they lose, it has to be the coach.

Let's face it. Soccer will never be like professional football or baseball in this country.

Next, Havre de Grace Little League has not had a whole lot of successes in baseball over the past 30 or so years, but that may have changed this week.

For those who don't know, Little League is structured in age groups by two years, more or less. The group I'm referring to are boys ages 13-14.

That age group is known as Junior Baseball and plays on the full 90-foot diamond.

Havre de Grace won three straight games to get in position for a Maryland District 5 Championship. Havre de Grace was to play Tuesday and with a win, will have won the first district title for Little Leaguers since 1982.

There have been a few other titles won, but those came in what is known as Big League. That still falls under Little League, but it's for older players up to age 18.

That said, age groups were different all those years ago, too, when Little League Baseball aged out at 15, with boys ages 13-15 playing together on that 90-foot field.

In 1982, the boys who won a district title were known as 13-year-old All-Stars. I recall they went a bit further than the District though, getting knocked out in what was then a Mid-Atlantic Tournament.

Baseball fans will remember ex-MLB player Delino DeShields, a onetime Oriole. Well, as a 13-year old, DeShields helped end Havre de Grace's dream. DeShields was the leader on a Seaford, Delaware team that was tough.

So, 32 years later, Havre de Grace may be on the brink of a title and a berth into the Maryland State Tournament.

The other news is the Aberdeen IronBirds. They have actually won a few games but are still way back in the pack.

The IronBirds come back to town Wednesday for a six-game stand against a pair of new opponents, Batavia and Auburn. Maybe the change in division scheduling will make a big difference for Aberdeen. We can only hope.

Stay cool, but get out and try to enjoy some action outdoors.

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