What to think about all the rain

So, can I tell you what I think about all this rain?

Firstly, let's talk about the positives. For those who like to keep the grass green, the water bill is affordable for those of us who pay one. For those who don't and probably own a well, you have to be liking the rain, too.

For those who garden, same thing. The rain is making it easy to keep things moist, but I'm betting there are some in certain areas who are finding this amount of rain a problem.

It may be farmers more than gardeners, but a problem just the same.

My problem comes in the form of softball and baseball. The rain has been a major problem.

Do any of you know where Eder Park, home for Elkton Little League, is? Well, if you don't, let me tell you.

Have you heard of the Big Elk Creek? Yes, this little stream of water that begins in Chester County, Pa., makes its way down through Elkton and right along side the Little League property.

Even in that spot, it's not a huge stream of water, but it is wider than what you'll find in Pennsylvania. That said, when you get the kind of rain we've had in the region in a relative short time, you get flooding.

That's what happened at Eder Park in Elkton. So, why my concern? That's where our Little League District 5 All-Star senior softball tournament was scheduled to be played. Sadly, we weren't the only tournament scheduled for that site. There was also a junior softball tournament there as well as 10-11 baseball and major baseball tournaments.

We actually got our first game in last Wednesday night, but another game in the bracket wasn't played until Monday night. And that was played only because the bracket was moved to Chesapeake City's Little League site.

The baseball tournaments were moved to North East and they too, were played Monday evening.

This isn't my first time experiencing water issues in Elkton, specifically at Eder Park. In the early 1990s my players, coach and myself were seeking higher ground after a steady pounding from a slow moving thunderstorm. In those days I was dealing with a 90-foot baseball diamond and in Elkton, where they have a one of the nicest fields, they also have dugouts that are sunken into the ground. Heavy rain and sunken dugouts are not a good combination.

A swollen creek though, is much worse. It not only messed up the fields, but created major problems in the snack bar where I was told they had 3 to 4 feet of water and an upside down refrigerator. Ugh.

Like other Little League sites in the district, Elkton Little League has a lot of pride in its facility and its operations. They didn't deserve what Mother Nature dealt them, but they will rebound and hopefully the complex will be back in order for a state tourney set to begin July 13.

As for us, Havre de Grace's senior girls, we will be back on the field tonight (Wednesday) we hope.

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