A mixed bag as winter season slides along [Commentary]

Well it sure has been a big bag of mixed happenings this past week, as winter sports teams moved deep into playoffs while the weather dealt us another blow, although it wasn't as much as predicted. No complaint here.

Any complaints I might have though, circulate around the UCBAC basketball championship games played last Wednesday.

By now, a week later, you probably know the results.

In the girls game, the results are what has become too familiar in these title games as Patterson Mill crushed Fallston, 58-14. I was there and saw how this came to be. Fallston wasn't able to get good shots off for much of the first half. Turnovers were the main culprit, which in turn led to a number of fast break points for the Huskies.

Now, some might say the Cougars were off their game just a bit and I might agree just a bit. It also has something to do with the play of the opponent. Patterson Mill did not play a perfect game. In fact, the Huskies were equally sloppy in the first few minutes of the game. They, however, righted the ship rather quickly.

Teams change throughout the course of the year. Some, probably most, get better, while others do not. Injuries and lost players can cause that. In the case of Patterson Mill and Fallston, I believe both have gotten better over the past month. The Huskies are dealing with injuries, but you wouldn't know it. The Cougars are playing better, but you wouldn't know that either by the results of that game.

Anyway, the boys title game between Joppatowne and Bel Air was better and more competitive. No one I know was surprised, due to Bel Air's performances against other Chesapeake (upper) Division teams.

What we learned a day or so after the game is what bothers me most.

Joppatowne was stripped of its UCBAC title and its number one seed in the 1A East-Section I playoff bracket due to a violation in practice. Though officials won't say, my belief is it comes down to one of these few things. Practicing on Sunday; practicing when school activities have been called off or on a holiday; or having a post-graduate show up and participate in practice.

We may never know for sure, but I guess the silver lining here is that we're not talking about the use of an ineligible player.

Bigger news has busted too, concerning the UCBAC Championships as we know them. With the news that the athletic directors voted to end these games, one can only hope that those who make up the conference's Board of Control will follow suit and do the right thing.

If these title games are as much about revenue as the competition itself, then there are other ways to deal with it. I believe it's a nice gesture that the UCBAC and commissioner Bob Slagle hand out T-shirts to both division champs. If that's what some of the revenue covers, I think most parents would offer up the few dollars to cover such items.

On a brighter note, congrats need to go out to our region champion wrestlers. Austin Rutkowski of Fallston and Eric Eckstein of Patterson Mill claimed titles at the Class 1A-2A East tourney. Bel Air's David Reagan and C. Milton Wright's Alan Dorsey brought home titles from the Class 3A-4A East tourney.

These four will lead Harford's contingent into this weekend's state tournament in College Park. Best of luck to all of our wrestlers.

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