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A great week on the hardwood for Ismail, Saddler [Commentary]

Despite the persistent problems with weather in and around our area, there certainly were pretty big happenings over the past seven or eight days.

What seems like a long time ago, was really just Jan. 28, which was Tuesday of last week.

That day took me to Patterson Mill, where the Huskies were meeting the Eagles of Aberdeen in a key UCBAC Chesapeake (upper) Division girls basketball game. The division lead was up for grabs and there was the possibility of Qalea Ismail reaching the 1,000-point mark.

Well, I really didn't expect to see Ismail score 28 points against Aberdeen that night, but she did and all was well. Watching her score 20 points in the first half, it would have been more shocking had she not gotten the 28 points. She actually finished with 30.

Now, it's a good thing she got the points that night. If she hadn't, we'd still be waiting. The Huskies had another game Thursday at Elkton, but coach and mom Holly Ismail told me she was going to score 1,000 at home. Fact is, Ismail could have probably scored 50 against a struggling Elkton team, but coach Ismail already had the plan in place.

Monday would have been that date, but as you know, sleet and snow put a halt to another partial day of school and all after-school activities.

Monday's problems here didn't hamper another huge accomplishment that took place just across the state line in Delaware.

Devon Saddler, a former Aberdeen hoop standout, became the University of Delaware's all-time leading scorer in the Blue Hens 80-67 win over Northeastern.

Saddler came into the game needing 21 points to surpass the mark of 2,030 set by Mike Pegues. Saddler scored exactly 21 points and oddly enough, his magical points and those of Ismail both came at the free throw line.

Saddler sank both free throws with 4:04 to play, while Ismail's second free throw of two came with 3:58 to play. Kind of eerie, how much time was left in both cases.

On Saturday, Saddler had scored 15 points to break the 2,000 point mark, setting up his big night Monday. With seven more regular season games and who knows how many tournament games, Saddler will likely end with a career scoring mark that will last a good amount of time.

Ismail is also setting sights on the Huskies career scoring mark and not by just females. Stand by for that accomplishment.

So, I guess you could say I'm just one of a million or more sports enthusiasts with egg on the face. I picked the Broncos to defeat the Seahawks, 27-24. Wow, was I a bit off. So were a lot of others.

In fact, I don't recall hearing anyone predict a blowout by the Seahawks. Anyway, glad it's over and now we can move on to baseball.

Even if you don't like baseball, you have to agree, it means warmer weather is on the way. I think we all like that.

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