Aberdeen police warn of phone scams

Aberdeen Police are warning area residents to be aware of phone scammers who claim to work for BGE.

The department recently received reports of the scam and said they are warning "citizens to raise their awareness so they do not become the victim of a crime," according to a press release from Aberdeen Police Department issued Thursday.

The scammers are falsely claiming they are with Baltimore Gas and Electric, and tell homeowners and businesses there is an issue with their bill. The callers say the residents are in jeopardy of having their power disconnected, which can be avoided if they pay a fee to an account supplied by the caller.

"This is a SCAM," according to the police department.

Aberdeen Police received a complaint from a local business about the phone call. The business recognized it as a scam and called police, according to Aberdeen Police Lt. Fred Budnick.

"We're trying to make sure no one else gets involved in it," Budnick said.

BGE tells police that any issues with billing or termination of electrical service are handled by mailing the customer a letter describing any discrepancies or problems. Customers will not receive a phone call.

Residents who do get such a call should not make any payments. Instead, they should gather what information they can from the caller and then call BGE directly and inquire if the phone call was legitimate. If not, report any such incidents to police. Residents can also call power and utility companies on their own, ahead of time, to identify ways utility companies make contact with customers if there is a problem.

The Aberdeen Police and the Harford County Sheriff's Office want residents be safe and not victimized, the release said.

For more information, contact the Aberdeen Police Department, 410-272-2121, or the Harford County Sheriff's Office, 410-836-5403.

Media question may be directed to Lt. Fred Budnick at 401-272-2121 ext. 125 or fbudnick@aberdeen-md.org.

In October, BGE said scammers were posing as utility company employees and urged customers to call police if they received such a call, according to The Baltimore Sun.

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