Chapman recalls McCray was on work release during his time in jail. Court records show he was released on Sept. 19, 2012.

The quarter mile

McCray was known as "Rocky" among drag racers on the southern Maryland and Virginia circuits, where his accomplishments in races and car shows earned him acclaim from the Quarter Mile Brothers racing group, which was formed to highlight the accomplishments of African-American racers around the United States.

The operators of the web site, who could not be reached for comment despite several attempts, posted a message of condolence in the days following McCray's death. Attempts to reach other racers who may have known McCray also were unsuccessful.

The QMB home page had a photo of McCray and the white 1968 Camaro with a red-and-white racing stripe on the front, which he drove in various races at tracks such as Capitol Raceway in Anne Arundel County and the Maryland International Raceway in St. Mary's County.

"QMB is sadden[ed] to report the passing of fellow racer RAJSAUN "ROCKY" MCCRAY," the post stated. "Rocky passed away on Friday, March 21, 2014. Our thoughts and pray[er]s go out to his family and friends."

Royce Miller, track owner at Maryland International Raceway, said he had spoken to McCray "briefly in the staging lanes" during races at the track. The track owner noted Maryland International Raceway typically attracts 700 to 800 racers during its weekend events.

The Quarter Mile Brothers bestowed their honor of "Last Brother Standing" upon McCray, when he went as far as a semi-final round during the $5K Raiders ET Challenge event held Sept. 8, 2013 at Maryland International Raceway.

McCray also went to the semi-finals during the War on Wheels II Race held July 17, 2013, also at the Maryland International Raceway.

Miller described McCray as "always a very intense, competitive racer that enjoyed doing what he was doing."

He said track operators "never" had any problems with McCray and he "always obeyed the rules."

"I'm sorry to hear of his passing," Miller said. "I'm obviously a little shocked at the circumstances."