HdG Mardi Gras parade postponed until Friday

Havre de Grace's annual Mardi Gras parade fell victim to the snowstorm that came through Harford Monday morning.

The parade will tentatively still be held on Friday, but the crowds will not be celebrating in downtown Havre de Grace on the actual day of "Fat Tuesday."

Dougherty said the city will not permit the parade to be held because of public safety concerns, as "one of the requirements [for holding such an event] is to have streets totally clear of ice and snow and have the sidewalks clear of ice and snow."

Bill Reeder, public works deputy director, said main roads are clear but smaller streets, especially those downtown, will not be fully bare until later on Tuesday.

The snow-covered roads nevertheless have "pretty good traction" if drivers take it easy, Reeder noted.

Dougherty said safety trumps the parade.

"It's going to re-freeze tomorrow evening and public safety is more important than anything else at this point in time," he said.

With more than 40 units signed up for the parade, "hopefully they will get many of those to return on this cancellation date," he said.

Other council members agreed with the decision. Councilman Joe Smith said "it is probably a wise thing to move the Mardi Gras parade," since many business owners were nervous because of the weather.

He also thought Friday would potentially bring out more people.

Smith added he is impressed by how much the parade has grown over the years.

"It has the potential to be even bigger year after year," he said.

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