Blane Miller III running for Harford County Council [Letter]

It is a great honor and pleasure for me to announce my candidacy for Harford County Council, District E.

Let me be perfectly honest and upfront from the word go, I am running a very grass roots campaign. This means that I don't have a campaign manager or a campaign staff.

I am running and financing the majority of my campaign. One of the things I find troubling about politics, as a whole, is that many candidates will promise you the world. They will do or say whatever will get them elected.

But once elected they become inaccessible and rarely deliver on those empty promises. That's not me. I believe running my campaign this way shows my passion, commitment, and loyalty as to how much I want to represent the good people of District E and Harford County as a whole. It is my goal to bring a common sense approach to this legislative branch of government.

Now, I can't promise that I will always do or vote the popular way, but rest assured my intentions will always be for the greater good of my constituents and that of Harford County. I was born and raised in Harford County. Besides my eight years in the Navy, I have worked and lived here my entire life. I have no hidden agendas. I am not cooking up any back door deals, and I don't own a business or practice law. My experiences come from working in and around the local and federal government the last 20 years, being a taxpayer, serving my country in the Armed Forces, and, in general, being a contributing member of society. My commitment extends further than just that. I was an elected member of the Harford County Republican Central Committee in 2002. I have been a coach, a volunteer fire fighter, and I have helped out with many different local organizations. It will be from those experiences on which I draw to be an effective county council member.

Let me be absolutely clear on my political philosophies and where I stand on local and state issues. I am a moderate conservative. I believe in reducing the size of government and lowering taxes at any and every chance we can afford. I do believe in a strong military and taking care of our veterans. I believe that everybody has the right to affordable healthcare and education. In the same breath, these commodities cannot be given away for free. I believe in social and economic programs, as long as they are used as a leg to stand on and not a crutch.

When I am elected, I will work with state legislators to get the hotel tax back to the floor of Annapolis and passing it. I will work on getting the Aberdeen Community Center and the expansion of the Churchville Recreation Center funded and built. I am against overdeveloping. But when developing projects are approved, all impact and infrastructure costs will fall on the developer and never the taxpayer.

I am on the fence with the water and sewer plan. I am definitely interested in reading the impact study when it is available. My main concerns are how it will impact services and rates to customers and the legal and financial ramifications on employees. I would like to expand the curriculum in the technical and trade areas of the educational system, especially at the high school level.

This will help better prepare students who do not plan to go to college to find better and more viable jobs. I would also like to see pay raises for county teachers and sheriff deputies. These can be thankless jobs at times, and we owe it to our civil servants to at least show our financial appreciation. As a legislator, it would be my job to envision new and creative ways of increasing the budget, without always relying on the taxpayer. I will work day and night to accomplish all of this without raising your county taxes.

As I embark on this journey, it is my plan to get out and to speak to as many people as I am able. You may contact me by email, I would welcome the opportunity to speak with church congregations, home owners' associations, unions, clubs, and community groups. I encourage all of you to get out and really get to know the candidates in your areas. Do your homework, because at the end of the day your vote absolutely counts. It is time for new ideas and fresh initiatives. The political water of Harford County has become stagnant, and it is time to refresh and revive the vital needs of our community. See you on the campaign trail.

Blane H. Miller III

Candidate for County Council District E


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