Vehicle saved from plunge into Chesapeake Bay off Havre de Grace

A Havre de Grace motorist was saved from plunging into the waters off Tydings Park Saturday afternoon when the front of his car hit a city-owned barge resting in its slip.

Scotty Hurst, fire chief of the Susquehanna Hose Company of Havre de Grace, said the man's vehicle went over the curb stop, and then the bulkhead at the edge of the City Yacht Basin along the Chesapeake Bay.

"He was not injured," Hurst said of the driver. "We had no rescue; we just secured the vehicle until a towing company could come out there."

Hurst said the driver, whose identity he did not know, was not taken to the hospital.

Susquehanna Hose Assistant Chief Steve Allers said first responders were alerted at 1:55 p.m., and the driver was rescued from the car about 10 minutes later.

He noted the city-owned barge that stopped the vehicle's fall was in its "home slip."

"Everything just happened to work out right for that gentleman today," Allers said of the barge saving the man's vehicle from sinking into the water.

Allers said the vehicle was stabilized by the fire company and later removed by a towing service and the fire company.

Pfc. Jeff Gilpin, spokesman for the Havre de Grace Police Department, said the driver made a left when coming down the hill to the Yacht Basin, instead of following the traffic pattern to the right at the bottom of the hill. The marina is located on the shore of the city's Tydings Park.

The driver then continued to the bulkhead and went over. It had been raining most of the day Saturday.

"Thankfully that barge was there and stopped that vehicle from being submerged," Gilpin said.

Gilpin said "there was no indication of any type of impairment" to the driver and there appeared to be little damage done to the barge.

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