Ferrante wins MMA match in :53 with choke hold

Maik Ferrante, a 22-year old MMA fighter and 2010 graduate of North Harford High School, was back in the octagon recently and with great success.

Ferrante, who competes for and trains at Method MMA, traveled to Fredericksburg, Va., on Jan. 18 to fight at the Barbarian Fight Club. Ferrante's opponent was Shawn Brooks, a 21-year old Marine from Hughesville who represents Team Royal.

The match in the 185-pound weight class was surprisingly over in 53 seconds.

Ferrante says the match started with a head kick by him, but because the kick left him a bit off balance, Brooks threw a right punch, followed by a charge in an effort to pin Ferrante against the cage. Ferrante ducked the punch and then latched on for a body lock that allowed him to take Brooks down to the mat, face down.

Ferrante then started what he calls "ground and pound," a term for the controlling wrestler on top to strike the opponent in the head and or face. Ferrante says he threw a few punches, but quickly worked a rear-naked choke hold. That term refers to combatants battling without a karate Gi.

Once Ferrante applied the choke, it was seconds before Brooks tapped out, ending the match.

"It was crazy, I didn't expect that much energy," Ferrante said about the bout. Matches are scheduled for three, three-minute rounds.

Ferrante, who plans to fight again in March, has a career mark of 4-1.

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