Aberdeen Dive Team opens with win

The Aberdeen Dive Team started off its 2013 summer dive season with a victory over the Crofton Dive Team last week. Amanda Kretschmer (11-12 girls) and Matthew McPhee (15-18 boys) led the Aberdeen divers to the victory with two very impressive performances, while also achieving qualifying scores for the league championship.

Kretschmer led a sweep in the 11-12 girls age group with a personal best score of 137.45. She started the competition by dropping in a perfect forward 1 1/2 somersault and followed that with her best forward two-somersault dive. Turning around, she then did an excellent back somersault in layout position and finished up with a full twisting back somersault. Kretschmer's gymnastics skills have transferred nicely to becoming one of the top 11-12 divers in Maryland.

McPhee, diving in his first ever competitive dive meet, shocked everyone with an outstanding array of dives. After doing a solid front dive and back dive, he then went on to some more difficult dives. McPhee nailed his forward 1 1/2 somersault for his best scores of the meet and followed that with his signature dive, a back 1 1/2 with a 1/2 twist which he landed nicely.

In addition to Amanda and Matthew, the team had four more first-place finishers at Crofton. Helping the team secure the victory were Lindsay Culbertson (8U girls), Isabella Mooney (9-10 girls), Nick Mooney (11-12 boys) and Kendall Archer (13-14 girls). The 12-point win would not have happened without some other significant performances by these divers: Brandon Doty (second place-8U boys), Ava Darling (second place-9-10 girls), Jeffrey Kretschmer (second place-9-10 boys), Eden Taylor (second place-11-12 girls), Raegan Hare (third place-11-12 girls), Megan King and Megan Culbertson (second place tie-13-14 girls) and Briann Long (third place-13-14 girls).

The Aberdeen Dive Team has five more dual meets this summer before their championship week at the end of July. For more information on joining the diving team or coming out to watch a meet, contact Head Coach Rick Culbertson, 610-585-5798 or r2culbert@aol.com.

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