A house in the 2700 block of Beckon Drive was vandalized and copper pipe was stolen Monday.

A man's vehicle was stolen Monday while he was in the store in the 2000 block of Pulaski Highway.

An armed person was outside a home Monday in the 2100 block of Morgan Street.

Guests were refusing to leave Monday in the 2100 block of Emmorton Park Road.

A student was out of control Monday in the 2300 block of Willoughby Beach Road.

Drugs were found Monday in the 1900 block of Brookside Drive.

Juveniles were fighting Monday in the 700 block of Monticello Court.

Bullets were found in the road Monday in the 200 block of Palmetto Drive.

Someone was under the porch of a vacant house Monday in the 300 block of Ahern Drive.

A GPS unit was stolen Monday in the 2200 block of Pulaski Highway.

Vehicles were vandalized Monday in the 1600 block of Candlewood Court.

People were pulling a gutter off a building Tuesday in the 1900 block of Pulaski Highway.

Credit cards were stolen from a locker at a YMCA, as reported from the 700 block of Cardiff Circle on Wednesday.

A vehicle was vandalized Wednesday in the 100 block of Edgewood Road.

A break-in occurred in the 200 block of Redbud Road on Wednesday.

A cellphone was stolen Wednesday in the 600 block of Red Oak Avenue.

A home was vandalized Wednesday in the 1400 block of Willow Oak Road.


People were selling fake perfume last Friday on Bel Air South Parkway.