Young bear still hanging around in Harford

More than a month has passed since Harford County residents started reporting frequent bear sightings, but the bear is still in the area.

Two sightings were reported to the Department of Natural Resources over the weekend, according to Ron Norris, regional wildlife biologist. There was a sighting Thursday night on Peach Orchard Road and another Friday morning crossing Deep Run Road.

Residents started seeing the bear in June throughout the county, from Havre de Grace through northern Harford County. At the time, Norris said they believed it was all the same bear and he confirmed that Monday.

"I think it's reasonable to assume that it's the same bear," he said, adding that it's in the same vicinity as the other reports.

Norris also said DNR did not hear of any other bears coming into the area and have not heard from any Pennsylvania agencies that the original bear moved on into their state.

Bears will typically move around, Norris said, but because this bear is young, he isn't interested in female companionship and will stay in an area if he feels safe and has easy access to food.

For now, Norris said DNR will continue to keep track of his location and will only respond to an area or report if the bear becomes a threat.

"I don't think he is a threat, nor do I anticipate he will become a threat," he said.

Norris added that the bear will hopefully move on, but that they "never know." He encouraged residents who may have a problem with a bear hanging around to secure their trash cans and take down any bird feeders because young bears are especially opportunistic – and enthusiastic about bird feeders.

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