Where, oh where is the Harford bear now?

No more sightings of the wandering Harford black bear have been reported since June 14; however, some earlier locations have been added to the list of the bear's local visits.

When last seen on June 14, the young male bear was in the vicinity of Route 1 near the Conowingo Dam, according to Ron Norris, with the DNR office in Bel Air.

No more sightings had been logged by either the DNR or the Harford County Sheriff's Office as of Tuesday afternoon.

Among previous confirmed sightings were two of what appeared to be the same bear in the Aberdeen area late in the afternoon of June 9, on Tower Road and Montreal Drive.

The same day, but closer to noon, there were unconfirmed reports of a small bear wandering near the Maryland Golf and Country Clubs and residential developments near Wheel Road and East MacPhail road near Bel Air.

Two other sightings of what appear to be the same bear have since come to light, both on the afternoon and evening of May 8.

Barbara Shaw, who lives on Twin Brook Lane in Joppa, said she saw the bear in her back yard around 2:30 p.m., when she returned home from a trip to Baltimore.

"It was something," Shaw said Friday. "I came home and saw the bird feeder had been disturbed; then I saw the bear."

Shaw, who took a few photos, said the bear headed off into some woods for awhile, but was back within the hour, again looking around the bird feeder.

Finally, she said, "it walked right over our little bridge across the brook and up the path to the woods."

Photos of the bear in Shaw's backyard show the animal with splotches of brown on his backside. The bear photographed on June 9 on Tower Road by Megan Moe has a similar appearance.

The sheriff's office logged two calls between 8:47 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. on June 8 along Cypress Drive, which is off of Route 24 in the Bel Air South area near Festival at Bel Air Shopping Center and a few miles almost due east of Shaw's home.

The first call was for the bear in a backyard, sheriff's office spokesperson Monica Worrell said Monday. The second call reported the bear was on the move east, "toward twin office buildings and DuClaw."

At that point, it appears the bear moved northeast toward the country club area, before turning east again toward Aberdeen on June 9.

DNR's Norris said last week he hoped the bear would eventually make his way into Pennsylvania, where he believes the animal would find a more hospitable environment.

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