On Tuesday at the ballgame, Ripken's characteristic low-key nature was on display. She interacted with fans and posed for a picture with a little boy as she moved through the stadium.

She's found the hometown crowd to be "very supportive and protective." Ripken said she's probably missed only two or three games since the stadium opened a decade ago.

"I've had people say, 'If I were you, I wouldn't be out,' " she said.

Baseball fans at the IronBirds game were impressed by Ripken's resilience.

"It hasn't slowed her down any," said Kent Day of Abingdon, who was at the game with his wife, Dawn, and their two young daughters. The couple said they are surprised the case hasn't been solved, but they added that people in the area don't spend much time talking about it anymore.

Debbie Salemi, an IronBirds half-season ticket holder from Bel Air, said the kidnapping struck her as "so weird."

"There is more to the story than what's coming out," Salemi said.

Brian Mayo, who took his son, Austin, to the game, said the Ripkens, especially the family's matriarch, have displayed character throughout the ordeal.

"I thought it was a crying shame that it had to happen to a person who didn't deserve it," the Bel Air man said. "I guess there is frustration. So many cases go unsolved."

Despite the lack of resolution in the case a year later, community leaders said the police are chasing down every lead.

"They are still doing everything possible to bring that person to justice," said Johnson, the chamber president.

Even with the suspect at large, Aberdeen Mayor Michael E. Bennett said residents do not feel unsafe.

"Most of the people in the community have moved on," Bennett said. "We have an award-winning police department. I do know they are putting every resource available to this. They are not about to give up.

"This was a very isolated thing that happened, that we wish didn't happen."

"Anyone can be a victim anytime and anywhere. I think people realize that," Johnson said. "There are a lot of crimes across the country that don't get solved immediately, but eventually many of them do get solved. I know the Aberdeen Police Department has not put this on the shelf."

Police ask anyone with information to call 410-265-8080.